Taiwan Photobook List project

The “Taiwan photobook List” below begins with a foundation of books on photography submitted to the National Library, with the addition of books in the Lightbox Library’s holdings. We are aware that this list is but a fraction of the number of photography publications available in Taiwan, some that remains beyond our scope of vision.

However, if information about a book cannot be found, it may as well not exist. We hope to find more Taiwan’s photobooks to improve this book list and enable access to more users. To this end we invite participation from friends who enjoy and are concerned with photography to give us information please.

If you know of a title on Taiwan’s photography, please let us know and help us make the “Taiwan’s Photobook List” more complete.

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【Photobooks by Taiwanese , or whose content relates to Taiwan】
Whether you walked past it, saw it in a bookstore, found it in a library, have it at home, or remembered it in your head, please feel free to suggest it.

Photobooks are not limited to books of photographs. Photography criticism, history of photography, magazines and publications all fall within the range of items.”

【Ways to Contact Us】
An image, a link to a website, or the complete bibliographical details are all welcome. Don’t worry about repetition, but please include the TITLE and AUTHOR. Thanks!


Last Update: 2017/12/21.
The list will be updated regularly. Please stay tuned.