Photobook Hour

When you see volumes of photography books sitting on a bookshelf, have you ever wondered how these books have made their way to you? What processes are required to publish a photography book? How might we choose, read, or understand the many books before us?

Every photography book has embarked on a journey, long or short, from photographic shoots; post-production; editorializing; to graphic design decisions: folio, paper, binding, print; to assembly; publication; and display and sales. Each stage of the process requires tremendous expertise, and even subtle differences can have a dramatic impact on the resulting photography book.

Along with our commitment to collecting and organizing photography books, we have also decided to launch a series of seminars on photography books, entitled “Photobook Hour”! We will periodically invite experts from around the world involved in creating photography books, including authors, critics, editors, designers, printers, and sales and marketing channels, etc., to share details about photography books from their fields of expertise.

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