Book Me

Is your mind filled with ideas after reading a photobook that you would love to share with others? Or perhaps you have questions about something that you’d like to discuss with someone? We have had that feeling too, and so we came up with the “Book Me” event.

A book is chosen, and two people discuss it while others can listen in. Two people are brought closer together by a book, to catalyze new ideas.

Perhaps after a discussion you will find the particular photobook much more interesting, or perhaps the people you encounter are even more fascinating than the book.

Photo Q Creative Conference

After reading so many books, contemplating so many plans and taking so many photos, do you feel that something is still missing in your work? Or are you eager to have someone else look at your work after a shoot?

Photo Q has precisely been organized for those of you who are in a rut or dying to share your work. We invite artists to bring their work with an intention to share and exchange, and engage in dialogue with other artists to find new inspiration by listening to others’ opinions, and looking at others’ work. We hope that after the discussion you will be full of motivation and energy to move forward.

Book Talks

After reading a classic title on photography that everyone says would be rewarding, have you ever felt completely bewildered instead? (Yes, we are talking about Sontag’s On Photography or Barthes’ La chambre Claire.)

We welcome you to come to our Book Talks, where scholars of image culture in various disciplines will be invited to guide everyone in these readings. Let us enter the world of classical books on photography through discussions between our guides and participants.